Can’t carry it with you, if you want to survive


Do you see the way that tree bends? Does it inspire
Leaning out to catch the sun’s rays. A lesson to be applied.
Are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?

Seems that needlessly it’s getting harder to find an approach and a way to live. -Eddie Vedder

Laying in my bunk at the hostel last night, hikers sleeping in nearby bunks and rooms. I couldn’t help but think how lucky we all are to have the experience of this journey. It’s all so similar yet so personal. We are all headed the same direction, though the trail is the same our paths will be our own. Getting there will change who are.

I’ve changed, so much I hardly recognized myself when looked in the mirror recently. Or maybe it’s the same I’ve always been I just haven’t been looking close enough. As a solo hiker I’ve had concerns about going over passes, crossing streams and generally wondering around the wilderness with just my paper maps. So imagine my surprise when I realized I had just crossed a roaring stream and was headed up Mather Pass alone. I got hella nervous, especially with gray clouds building. Would it be icy, dangerous, would I be able to find the trail? I took a deep breath ate a handful of gummy bears and just started climbing like crazy, figuring I’d deal with what was on the other side when I got there. I really enjoy hiking on my own, however there is a certain comfort and safety in having others around, ya know. They say you pack you fears. I certainly did, my packs pretty heavy. At some point you have to face them to lighten your load. That’s the learning and growing part, you need to do that on your own. Mather was the second pass that day at 12,100 feet. I summoned energy from who knows where. Got over the pass alright, pushed myself, sliding, post-holing, falling through the wet snow. As the sun slipped behind a mountain I managed to find the trail! Picking up the pace I made it to camp before dark, the boys (Geo and Scout) already there tents up chillin. Two passes and 20 miles, all in one day, in the High Sierras. That’s crazy exhausting and cool! Learning to rely on myself……priceless. Follow me on instagram 





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