Must eat…pie

Hey y’all, I’m in Etna,Ca mile 1597! Looks like I’ll be here for a day or two to recuperate. We’ve really been pushing it through NorCal (I have no idea why). Averaging 27 mile days has put us ahead of the pack and me with hurting feet and underweight (again).

So I am resting my feet. Not sure what to do about this eating thing. Hiker hunger where are you? I should be stuffing my face, but I just have no appetite. Maybe it’s partly the heat (it’s hotter than blazes with lots of climbing) so I am at a constant calorie deficit. I try to force myself to eat (ha never thought I’d be saying that) but it is hard to get in 3-4 thousand calories that way. Down to 138 lbs, yikes. But trail magic =Unexpected generosity from a non-hiker! I had some tasty blueberry pie yesterday thanks to Steady. Maybe I should just stuff my food bag with pie.

In other news I saw my 3rd bear, he turned and ran too. Probably never seen a stick figure strolling through the woods!

One thought on “Must eat…pie

  1. Girl…please take care of yourself!! Let me know our new post office stop and I’ll send you some yummies. 😀😎💗 Miss you…

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