You get me, right?

The trail is, well, tough. Physically it is so demanding. Hiking basically a marathon a day really takes it out of you. At this point there are hikers limping around everywhere. Everyone just trying to get on to Oregon. My feet are so hating me right now, for real. All the limping from my sprained ankle caused a tendon strain on the other foot. Geez, oh well what’s there to do….hike on!

Mentally the trail can be even tougher. It helps that we are all a bit crazy out here. Hikers get other hikers and the draw of the trail. Hurt and going back on trail, of course. Tired but hiking 30 miles, why wouldn’t ya. Out of food or water, here take mine. Let’s talk about weird stuff to get out of our own heads, yep. Everything will be fine….just keep walking and don’t die. Gotta get to Canada.


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