So if you haven’t heard….I finally made it to Oregon!!! Less than a thousand miles left to Canada, I can’t believe it. Getting there


So I left Etna, California hiking with a Turkish guy, trail name Goat. He is fun an a great hiker (he hikes 40 mile days for fun). He also has an injury. Honestly we are all pretty banged up at this point but, gotta get to Canada. Our plan was to hike slower/less miles and heal up. So on July 4th we hiked 14 miles, then 21, then 29! So much for that plan.

Oh well, we were just too excited about getting to Oregon. We are both feeling better though.   I have slowed him down (he can’t help but go fast), and he is fattening me up (trying). I have enjoyed hiking with Goat, he is fast but really enjoys the experience; taking many beautiful pictures and breaks! On break he makes sure I eat. He has a stove  makes bean burritos plus tea and coffee in the middle of the day! (yea, I’m rethinking this whole stoveless plan) So my last days in California were filled with new experiences, including cowboy camping (that’s no tent, just throwing down your sleeping pad/bag), hiking at 4am (yep, that happened), and 2 more bear sightings!

There was a good group of us headed to the Oregon border, we had plans to celebrate. We got rained on. So my first day in Oregon was a wet one. In Ashland now drying out stuff and trying to pickup packages, then back on the trail. The race to Canada is heating up and I am really excited to see Crater Lake!





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