Portland – The Replacements


Sitting here writing by a fire with a view of the stunning Oregon coast. What an honor to be included in this weekend writing retreat. A group of women writers, bloggers, pod-casters and trailblazers. Sharing our hopes, dreams, passions and some ridiculously tasty healthy food and lots of snacks!

Jenny and Rahawa picked me up from the airport we had a lovely drive out to the coast. This was only my second time in Portland but my first time going to the coast. The drive out is beautiful, foggy and rainy. The trip wouldn’t be complete without stop at the Tillamook cheese store! So much dairy, mmm. Jenny even took us down to Short Beach and to checkout the Cape Meares lighthouse.



We stayed at a lovely Airbnb in Oceaside. It was so great to meet the people behind the books, tweets, podcasts and emails. I was pretty stoked to meet Carrot Quinn, her blog was the jump off for me doing the PCT. If you are interested in hiking the
PCT check out her book Thru Hiking will Break Your Heart. Finally I caught up with Rahawa she’s a great writer that thru hiked the AT in 2016 when I did, but our paths never crossed. There was also Jenny of Unlikely Hikers, Nicole of Real Talk Radio, Lacy of
Liberation Barbell, Alley, Vanessa, and Kelly. I could go on and on about these women but I really think you should checkout their works and take it all in for yourself. Thank me later.



Now I know why people go away to write. There’s something to be said about removing yourself from the daily grind, a little nature time, waking with a clear mind to put words to paper sans distractions. Surrounding yourself with talented awesome people helps too! There was a lot of writing, eating, trail talk, life talk and getting to know each others quirky personalities. We even tackled a puzzle that was, I swear, missing pieces. Frolicking, yep there was beach frolicking!

Something magical happens when beautiful, strong, intelligent women come together.  Women laughing, dropping knowledge and supporting each other. Women carving their own paths, standing up for themselves and inspiring one another. Given the state of the world today a network of siStar support is crucial. Just because you carve your own path does not mean you have to go it alone.

Go take a hike

If I can offer you a piece of advice….go for a hike! Or call it a walk if you’re not out doorsy. Seriously people you should get out here. I know everyone can’t take off and hike the PCT, but maybe a section or a day hike. Hiking is trans-formative and just freaking good for your mind body and soul. Who says, me.

3 1/2 months I’ve been out here strolling through the woods. Pretty much playing it by ear, because all plans go out the window when you hit the trail. It’s all a surprise, around every corner, everyday. All I really know is I’m getting up and walkin…10, 25, 30 miles.

But at the end of the day I will be tired with memories that will last a lifetime. So go head get out there and make so memories, you know you wanna. Don’t forget your camera!

Trail transformation

Well I can’t seem to shake this weather bubble. Hiking through Oregon, it is a beautiful place. But, there is always a but, it is chilly. Actually it rained/hailed on us the whole first week. It was so cold & wet one day I yelled (while crying, yes crying) at my hiking buddy “that’s it, I’m done & getting in my tent, you do what you want.” So we put up the tents and of course it stopped raining.

So it now it is sunny but the mornings are chilly, especially since we are hiking starting at 4am! Not my fav since I am not a morning person.

Most hikers at this point are pretty beat up but pushing to Canada. In central Oregon everyone seems to be resting up with some time off trail. We are lucky my friend Teri has picked us up and whisked us to her lovely home to rest! Much luv! I have the best friends!trail angel teri_preview

With only 700 miles to go it’s hard to believe that this crazy journey will be ending soon. Everyday I am reminded how extremely lucky I am. So many amazing people I’ve shared time and experiences with. Breathtaking views that make the makes all the aches and pains worth it! Can’t walk to Canada without a little suffering. It’s making us stronger and different people! Who will I be when this is all over?




So if you haven’t heard….I finally made it to Oregon!!! Less than a thousand miles left to Canada, I can’t believe it. Getting there


So I left Etna, California hiking with a Turkish guy, trail name Goat. He is fun an a great hiker (he hikes 40 mile days for fun). He also has an injury. Honestly we are all pretty banged up at this point but, gotta get to Canada. Our plan was to hike slower/less miles and heal up. So on July 4th we hiked 14 miles, then 21, then 29! So much for that plan.

Oh well, we were just too excited about getting to Oregon. We are both feeling better though.   I have slowed him down (he can’t help but go fast), and he is fattening me up (trying). I have enjoyed hiking with Goat, he is fast but really enjoys the experience; taking many beautiful pictures and breaks! On break he makes sure I eat. He has a stove  makes bean burritos plus tea and coffee in the middle of the day! (yea, I’m rethinking this whole stoveless plan) So my last days in California were filled with new experiences, including cowboy camping (that’s no tent, just throwing down your sleeping pad/bag), hiking at 4am (yep, that happened), and 2 more bear sightings!

There was a good group of us headed to the Oregon border, we had plans to celebrate. We got rained on. So my first day in Oregon was a wet one. In Ashland now drying out stuff and trying to pickup packages, then back on the trail. The race to Canada is heating up and I am really excited to see Crater Lake!