Trail transformation

Well I can’t seem to shake this weather bubble. Hiking through Oregon, it is a beautiful place. But, there is always a but, it is chilly. Actually it rained/hailed on us the whole first week. It was so cold & wet one day I yelled (while crying, yes crying) at my hiking buddy “that’s it, I’m done & getting in my tent, you do what you want.” So we put up the tents and of course it stopped raining.

So it now it is sunny but the mornings are chilly, especially since we are hiking starting at 4am! Not my fav since I am not a morning person.

Most hikers at this point are pretty beat up but pushing to Canada. In central Oregon everyone seems to be resting up with some time off trail. We are lucky my friend Teri has picked us up and whisked us to her lovely home to rest! Much luv! I have the best friends!trail angel teri_preview

With only 700 miles to go it’s hard to believe that this crazy journey will be ending soon. Everyday I am reminded how extremely lucky I am. So many amazing people I’ve shared time and experiences with. Breathtaking views that make the makes all the aches and pains worth it! Can’t walk to Canada without a little suffering. It’s making us stronger and different people! Who will I be when this is all over?



One thought on “Trail transformation

  1. I love reading about your adventure! You’ve inspired me, and now I want to get in shape for the PCT. I was just transformed by camping out of a van in the forests, now I want to be sculpted by a trail transformation next summer.

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