How’s chardonnay today!!??

Hey guys!! For those of you still following I have not fallen of the edge of the earth. Nope. But getting back in the swing of things has been harder than I imagined. So – Very – Hard. I’ve been an emotional wreck. What you say, but you look so well adjusted. Nope I’m a good faker, I miss the trail, bad. I’ll be honest I did not prepare properly for reentry by any means. But heck things are looking up or so I like to think. I got a job!! Woohooo! Now I have to find a place to live, pay down some debt, you know some adulting.

Oh and in other news (if you haven’t heard)…….I finally went to the doctor and…….Closed Fracture Of Distal Fibula (broken ankle). So there’s that. Now I have to see a surgeon. But I’m trying to be all optimistic about it, so yea, it will be fine. In time for me to start training for…………………… the Appalachian Trail! Yes, I know I said the Camino. but the AT is right there and I really want to do the CDT (Continental Divide Trail) in 2017. Hey I’m a Libra, it’s my birthday month so I’m just weighing all the options. Changing my mind tomorrow is totally possible. One way or the other I am working my butt off this winter so that I am ready to hit the trail (any trail) next spring. Mark my words.

Hardest thing right now is staying off my ankle. So hard. Went for bike ride today just to get out. Bad idea. Biking in the city is just depressing and dangerous. I’m seriously giving thought to moving out of the city and SoCal. The Pacific Northwest is calling ……

6 thoughts on “How’s chardonnay today!!??

      1. Not quite L.A. but if you are ever closer, would love to meet and share adventure stories! Find me on FB

  1. Just read about you and your adventure in a about 2 hours. Here I sit with a broken right wrist,,,distal fracture, wishing I could do what you have accomplished. ALong with Cheryl Strayed you are a modern day hero for me.

    I know what a huge accomplishment this is and congratulations.

  2. Could you please contact me through Facebook messenger. George Eshleman (Keeper) 2015- 2016 AT (Director of Unified Warrior Foundation). I am (along with some other folks), putting together a screen play. I am contacting the legends of the hiker community. Also focusing on some of the influential female hikers for the film. Plenty of CGI, Computer Graphic Imagery in the film with locations on the AT. Would like to pass the project by you and see if you would be interested in being part of it.
    Thank you and Hike on.

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