Paperback Writer

So it was my birthday this last week! Another spin around the sun and what can I say this last chapter in the life of me was a dozey! Really looking forward to the next one because I did not realize the last one was gonna play out the way it did. You just never know.

I didn’t really do much for my birthday, but I did get to go to Youtopia at the last minute. So glad that I did. It was amazing! Got to spend time with some very special people, get my dance on and a bunch of, well other things went on. It was beautiful. Connected with a guy from North Carolina hoping we can meet up when get out east!  Even got to throw up my old Coleman tent, after that one person tent that Coleman was super roomy! Heck I could have had people over, if I was ever there. Think I slept all of 4 hours all weekend, good thing I don’t feel as old as I am.

Looking forward to my life settling down a bit but I am just not sure when that’s gonna happen. With work and so many people I need to catch up with. Feels like I am constantly running with hardly time for a short hike. That makes me sad and even more anxious. Pushing to get into my own space by November, that should help lower my current high anxiety. I just feel really discombobulated with things everywhere, the room, the car, storage. I need a solid landing pad so I can focus and stop stressing out. At least I’ve started eating better, so there’s that. One day at time, one thing at a time, just breathe……………………

By the way did you see this article:
It’s all about the journey. Hiking the PCT, solo.
This was pretty much the first interview I’ve ever done, or least remember (mind is the first to go). It came out pretty awesome, but that’s just me. Thanks Teresa!

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