Leave it to me as I find a way to be


I’m finally finding the time to reflect on my journey. It’s weird, I spent so much time, after finishing the trail, traveling and running here there and everywhere. There has just not been time. Or maybe….

I was avoiding it. Some how there has been a part of me that has not really wanted address how much it effected and changed me. As it is I have changed so deeply at my core that I cry at the loss of who I was.

Some days I catch myself reacting as my old self would, that is frightening. It’s like trying to slide into an old skin. It’s not right it doesn’t fit, it’s uncomfortable yet familiar. It is imperative that I find a way to embrace this new me and move forward.

                                                                  ………..find a way…….
What has started all this ruminating? Well I been working put all my trail pics in a video you know with music and stuff. It’s taking a bit as my computer, well, sucks. The windows program is constantly crashing, so annoying. That and everyday it seems harder and harder to settle in the city. When did things become so overly complicated? Why am I here? Why is it so darn noisy?

Today I watched a film about the Appalachian Trail. So much hard stuff to deal with rain, mice, mosquito, mountains lots of them. Yet after the film I whipped out the calendar to see when I could start! Um, yea when did I become this person, did not see that coming. I have a feeling it’s gonna be a long winter and I need new hiking shoes.

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