Little boxes

Working in a cubicle, sucks. I go to work, sit down and start cranking out orders. I do this ALL DAY. It’s a job and I need the money to, you know, live but it’s not fun. Our company moved into a new fancy building this week. My desk is facing a wall, sorta. See on the wall to the right is a big window (the bottom half is frosted, why I do not know). So from my chair I can only see the sky and watch planes fly by. To the left on the wall is a nice sized flat screen tv. On this tv pictures pop up, like screen savers. At first I was like cool, because they are these nice pictures of mountains, forests, trees, beach and city shots. After a week of this I think they are just there to taunt me. I glance at a beautiful place and momentarily day dream about being there. Yep, I am in cubicle hell.

Speaking of cubes, me and my Nissan ‘sugar’ cube are parting ways. I need to slide back into the no car payment lane. So I’m picking up my ‘new to me’ wheels this weekend. It’s a suv, cuz I gotta have room for my stuff and I think I got a good deal. Hard to say, it’s used but the miles are lowish. Change is good, right?

While change is good, sometimes you just need to stay put. I was all fired up to drop Verizon as my bill was to high and their customer service is lacking. But to change to T mobile I had to call Verizon to get my account number. When I mentioned I was shopping around all of a sudden they wanted to be helpful. You know long time valued customer, whatever. Just like that I got a new phone for $11.00 and shaved $20 off my monthly bill! Sweet, their customer service still sucks, just sayin.

Last but not least I totally went camping AND hiking last weekend. Oh man did I really need that. It was a friends birthday, so it was a great gathering of cool people. We night hiked and day hiked, ate some great food, laughed around a camp fire til my sides hurt. Won’t lie to ya, it was super chilly but so worth it!


So grab your gloves, hat, coat and get outside people, get out of your box! It’s the cure for cubicleitis or whatever ails ya!

Oh after hiking I am pleasantly surprised to have zero pain in my ankle. Yea me!

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