AT Gear List

My AT gear list.

After Trail Update: So I have to admit I took a couple more things than were listed. First I hate to be cold, ulta light be darned. I had four pairs of socks (justification, it was rainy, humid and nothing would dry out and I hate putting on wet socks). I had two pairs of leggings, capri & full length (justification,because you just never know, and sometimes I just want dry pants). I had three bandannas (justification, I just couldn’t decide which one not to take). That being said I did end up sending home my stove (it was nice when it was chilly), and my sun hat (you are in the green tunnel, not a lot of direct sun).

I know I need to get a grip and cut back for the CDT. Mostly all my gear worked super well! Loved the tent (but I am looking at a lighter Big Agnes!! Their sleeping bags are awesome, so why not the tent!). Oh and I am stepping up my sleeping pad (got to get over my fear of the blow up ones). Let the gear shopping begin!!!



I have a new tent I’m trying out (it’s heavier) and an actual rain jacket. Oh and I am also including a stove. I’m still deciding on taking the Sawyer filter, maybe. I’m starting with my Saucony shoes and then to the Altra’s. Now if I can get this all on the plane with no issues!

Shelter- Rei one person Tent
Sleeping bag-  Big Agnes Mirror Lake
Sleeping bag stuff sac
Z Lite sleeping pad
Samsung Smartphone
Sansa Clip Mp3 Player
2 pocket chargers for gadgets
Energizer Headlamp
Sawyer Mini Water filter/iodine tablets
 Esbit Stove
Plastic container-for drinks and dinners
Titanium spoon
Smart water bottle/Gatorade bottle
Stuff sack for food
Tiny notebook and pen, permit, guidebook,etc
Various small items in ziploc: Toothbrush and toothpaste, floss with sewing needle inside, earplugs, ibuprofen, earbuds, extra chapstick, hairties, lighter.
One ounce hand sanitizer
Full size bottle of sunscreen
Toilet paper
Trash compactor bag liner
Extra pair of darn tough socks
Laundry down flash jacket
rain jacket
wool hat
Bandanna x 2
Town dress
Mosquito headnet as stuff sack for clothes
Warm tights
Total base weight of pack (this is the weight without food, water, fuel or worn clothing) 17 lbs

Worn: Hike skirt, synthetic shirt, Thorlo socks, sports bra, sun hat. Dirty girl gaiters and MSR trekking poles.

One thought on “AT Gear List

  1. I’m following and cheering for you! Taking notes on what works and what does not; so be sure to fill us in later! I am 52 and training to do the AT with my son in 3 years for my 55th and when he graduates with his PT doctorate.

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