It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. -SEH

Well if you haven’t heard (where have you been?) I’m off on another thru hiking adventure! This time I’m tackling the Appalachian Trail 2200 miles, through 14 States -Georgia to Maine. Watch out East coast I’m coming for ya! I’ve given my work notice and fly out of San Diego on April 13th hope to see you before I go!
I’ve planned, read and researched my little heart out so now it’s just putting one foot in front of the other. The PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) tested me emotionally, physically, and mentally and the AT will as well I’m sure.
The last weeks of preparation have been an emotional rollercoaster. The hurt and loss I let wash over me like a tidal wave. Then I surfaced and let it all go, buoyed by the encouragement and support of my friends and family. Oh the feels. Lets just say the excitement of starting a new journey and the sadness of leaving everyone behind can be so overwhelming.
Spending time with close friends before I leave has saved my sanity, for reelz. Thanks for dancing in the desert with me, watching the Sun/Moon rise and set, Mimosa brunches, hikes, Survivor nights, all the hugs, laughing til my gut hurt, loong phone calls, and so much more.
After completing the PCT I was compelled to learn/dream/live/do more. (lord knows I’m tryin) I even gave in to identifying reasons for thru-hiking so I can keep them in the forefront of my mind. You know when my feet hurt. Here’s some:
-If you can Inspire just one person…… do it!
-To gain courage, perseverance and sweet hiker legs
-To learn to be patient, flexible and less afraid of new things, face the fears.
-Growing as a hiker but also as a person.
Thank you (yes you!) for being part of my story this next chapter should be a real page-turner! Send Good Vibes my way, mkay, and follow me on my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail 2016 this should be good. Much luv.
(I will try to keep y’all updated, but my tech skills in the woods are shotty at best, don’t judge, kisses.)

One thought on “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. -SEH

  1. Inspire one person check check and double check. You got that one nailed Elsye! I look forward to following your trail posts. You go girl!

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