Let me just say I can’t believe I’m doing another thru hike. Seriously, I clearly remember on the PCT last year saying to myself and sore feet “if I can just get to Canada I will not be doing this again”. Yea something like that with a sprinkling of colorful words I’d never use in front of my mom. But here I go again, my crazy knows no bounds.

One year ago (April 12th, 2015) I started walking from the Mexican border to Canada on the PCT. The whole way I was saying ‘attempting a thru hike’, because finishing was well, never guaranteed. But I did. It was an extraordinary adventure, I am a thru hiker.

On April 15th, 2016 I will attempt to thru hike the Appalachian Trail.

Side note: the logistics of getting to the trail are stressing me out! No I will not check my precious backpack and why can’t I take my pocket knife, sleeping pad, and poles on the plane? The trail is how far from the airport? Good thing I learned how to hitchhike on the PCT……kidding, kidding, everything will work out just fine. But I will not be laughing if you lose my stuff Alaska Airlines, just sayin.


One thought on “Again

  1. Good luck! I just started reading A Walk in the Woods last night and was wondering when you were going to start. I thoroughly enjoyed following along with you last year, and can’t wait to read about the adventures you run into this time around!!

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