So flying over the length of the PCT to get to the AT was an interesting route. Stirred up a lot of emotions reflecting on that journey.

In a year so much has changed but so much is the same. Looking forward to a couple of months of trail therapy. The trail is a good place to work through some “stuff”. Talk it out with a fellow hiker you may never see again, talk it out with yourself as you struggle up a mountain. Sing it out while listening to Pearl Jam on a summit! Experience is wasted if you don’t learn or grow from it.

I performed a poem for the XSL Poetry Slam/Cookoff last weekend.  It was a great lesson in facing my fears and speakin from the heart. Nervously i stepped on the stage…I had to start over once…but when looked into the crowd…. (no I did not picture them in their undies, granted that might be fun ..wait i digress), what I saw in that crowd was friends wanting me to succeed!

Man that was just was the confidence builder I needed. (Oh and the bacon/mac&cheese, egg rolls, specialty drinks & desserts….well I’m about to live on ramen for 4 months…. that was the bomb..all of it !) I’ve said it before but my friends are crazy talented, generous, and supportive. I am one lucky badass hiker.

**special shout out**
Thank you Dan & Kimmie for watchin my wheels at the last minute!  This trail I got Dr. Bronners soap, hand sanitizer, coconut oil……I’m ready, AT bring it!

One thought on “Logistics

  1. Listen to some PJ for me out there 🙂 if you remember….at your favorite spot…. Play Yellow Ledbetter for me 🙂

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