Purple Rain

It’s raining, but more on that later…. So made it to Franklin, North Carolina 109 miles on the trail. Stayed at the Muskrat shelter with a fun group Plodding Bison (from Ohio) & Dig Deep (from New Orleans) two great ladies. Another lady told me I was the only person of color shes ever seen on the trail, she was from Jackson, MS…gotta love the south, we had a lovely conversation over dinner.  Met a guy Endless he was on the PCT last year too, he has a great blog, check it out here! He is really moving, wish I could keep up.

With rain in the forecast I set out for my biggest day yet 25 miles, it was a really good hike with a rock scramble up to a fire tower and then it was downhill coast. I made it to the shelter without getting wet but then it poured all night.. In the morning five of us tried hitching to town in the rain. Luckily after an hour a free shuttle came by. Now I’m in town drying out, listening to the sad news about Prince.

Will soon be entering the Smokey Mountains. Don’t really have a resupply plan for that yet, guess I’ll just keep winging it. I’m hoping to get through there in about 5 days. But then ya never know what’s ahead, right?

****Special Note***
I’m dedicating the next 100 miles to my nephew, Jordan Walker Polk! He recently got a heart transplant and is fighting his way back to 100%! Jordan you are in my heart & thoughts every step. I love you, stay strong.

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