Makin miles & a name

Fontana Dam, gateway to the Smokey Mountains. I’ve increased my mileage so I should make it through the Smokeys in about 3 days, if the weather cooperates!

Seems I’ve already made a name for myself. People keep going “oh, your chardonnay, we heard about you.” I guess being the only black girl around for miles and pushing 20+ miles gets you noticed and talked about. Also the fact I’ve done the PCT too.

A guy called me fast, ha!! Not even, I’m totally slow crawlin up these hills. I do scrambled down pretty quickly to make up time. But I’m only doing 20+ days because I hike ALL day.


I had a fun time at the NOC, watched some kayaking and had some beers with other hikers. I didn’t want to stay in the bunkhouse (tight budget), so I hiked out all tipsy! Made the climb outta there interesting. By 9pm I still wasn’t at the shelter. So I just camped at the first spot I could find. Turns out I was only like 2 miles away! But I woke to a beautiful sunrise!


Shout out to Eagle!  He is 69 and thru hiked the AT in 2012. He is back on the trail section hiking Springer to Hot Springs, NC.

2 thoughts on “Makin miles & a name

  1. Too funny. You hiked the same way on the PCT – lagged going up hill and blew in like a storm on the downhill!

  2. I love you and cannot wait to see you again and hear your new stories. Good luck Chardonnay!!!!! Thanks for the postings!

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