Pushing through the tough parts

So I had this whole post about how much I hate shelters. And I do, they are claustrophobic, dark, creepy and then there’s the mice. I’ve been avoiding them, and hoping the Ridge Runners didn’t catch me tenting.

See yesterday was a really long day. It started with me encountering 2 wild boar! I thought they were bears at first till it turned and growled in my direction. I back peddled up the hill so fast ( with a little motivation I can move uphill pretty fast). It kind of had me jumping for the rest of the day. Even jumped when I saw a turkey. After a couple of long climbs in the rain, I was pretty bummed to stay in a shelter. Everyone at the shelter was super nice and a father and son even got me water and hung my bear bag. I was still grumpy.


In the morning I grab my pack headed out in a huff. When I got to the top of Clingmans Dome it was all fogged in, no view. I wanted to be mad but I didn’t have the energy so I just sat there under the dripping trees. That’s when it hit me, even without a “view” it was so quiet and peaceful…..and perfect. Then why so grumpy?

Lately when people asked me about the PCT I would say how great it was. I guess I’ve kind of been waiting for this to be that. But that’s just silly. The AT is a whole different adventure. The shelters, the climbing, even the scary giant boars are all part of the journey. But this just seems tougher right now.

When I finally hiked down out of the fog I got some great trail magic from a local church group. It really made me feel better. Hopefully after a shower I’ll be able to look at everything differently.

2 thoughts on “Pushing through the tough parts

  1. As a brown girl who so far only dreams of doing this, I get happy when I see your updates. Thanks for representin’! May your adventures continue happily and safely.

  2. You are on a great adventure my friend! Each day look for the silver lining that is certainly there. I admire the fact that you are brave enough to strike out on your own and blaze the trails and hills. Stay strong and be safe.

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