People who need people

So the trail is nothing if not about all the people. I’ve met people from around the world…a lot of Germans and Canadians. But certainly a bunch from right here in America. I’ve been trying to take more people pictures (when I remember). Less views, more people as it really is the people you remember most.

I’ve hiked the last week with a married couple from Florida Two Peas, they’ve been on trail since February 14th! They are really nice. That’s a lot of love to be able to spend that much quality time together.


Then I hiked for a while with Tink and her friend Marilyn (she’s just out for couple of days with Tink who is flip/floppin like me). Great ladies from St. Louis. Tink can really keep a good 3 mph pace…even up hill. I love it…it really challenges me to hike faster & better.


Met a lot of SoBo (southbound) section hikers to today. One guy trail name 44, hiking Connecticut to West Virginia, told us a lot about this sections history. And a nice couple (I forgot their names) that tipped us off to warm showers and free camping at the State Park. So after 5 days I got a shower!! Man what difference a shower makes. Now if only my clothes dry by morning! Yea, trail life.

Can’t forget Topknot, from Austin, I was hiking with him for a bit. He is a great hiker and doesn’t mind sleeping in! But he got off trail to see Ke$ha in Philly! He’s so awesome he got a selfie with her! He’s a fan! Now there’s a side trip!

Who will I meet next on the way to Kathadin!??!

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