Bye NY…Hello CT

For some reason I thought the rocks would stop after Pennsylvania or at least New Jersey, nope. New York has plenty. My ankles are killing me.

Things are different as you move further north. Not just the lack of good sweet tea, but southern hospitality is so over. Asked a guy for a ride…..he just rolled up the window, seriously. Just as I was about to give up on NY a cyclist rides up. I told him I needed a ride to town 12 miles away and I need to be there in less than 2 hours before the post office closed. He couldn’t help with the ride but he gave me a giant awesome bagel filled w/cream cheese! (He had hiked the AT in 2012)


While I was eating my bagel I ran into Edna & her husband. They were more than happy to give me a lift to town AND back! So I got my package (new kicks) and was back on trail in no time. (Oh they were from Pennsylvania, just sayin).

Got sweet camp spot that night on West Mt. I could even see N.Y. City.  Wish I could get pics but on my camera phone it just looks dark. But here is the spot!


Then I got to hike thru the Trailside Museum & Zoo (yep the trail goes right through the zoo), before crossing the Hudson River. It was kinda funny the looks I got from people in the zoo…..even though there was a Thru hiker display!! Slow Sunday hike today to give my ankles a break.

Ran into Two Peas, and met Tink and Addie as we huffed up the mountain. Hiked the next to days with Tink & Addie (she got a trail name pretty quick, she earned it doing 17 miles right out the gate, awesome!). Those ladies were fun to hike and hitchhike with! After our State Park camp/shower I had the best hike day.

Took us a while to find out way out of the park. We debated just bushwhacking our way up a hill, then came to our senses. Addie said that morning in camp ‘I could really go for a hot breakfast’. Seven miles later….boom, trail magic! Grrr was making hot bagel, egg & cheese sandwiches right at the shelter!!! He liked my kiwi tail, I had 2 sandwiches!


After that we really breezed through the miles. I parted with Tink & Addie and did 8 more dance miles. They are getting off trail tomorrow and I am headed into Connecticut. I’ll miss those two.


(Me checkin out the view, wet socks/shorts hangin off my pack, geez)

Well New York really brought it. But time to move on…a new state will be good for morale. Oh and Kathadin is waiting!!!

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