Small world

So Pinkie Chick had her own little adventure! I had attached her to my pack shoulder strap, at some point i looked down and there was nothing but the string she was attached to!


Sad day indeed. I certainly couldn’t go back, as I had no idea where it might have come off. So I headed on to camp. Now normally I’m on trail by 6:30 a.m (more or less). But I decided to sleep in the next morning. When I did get up I hobbled down to the stream to get water for coffee. Shooting Star was there filtering her water. I’ve seen her on trail but we had never met. Just so happens the couple that drove me into town a week earlier to get my shoes, they were in town to see……… her!!

She says ‘ hey you’re chardonnay, I have something for you!’ Guess what she pulls out? Pinkie!! Someone found her and passed her along in hopes she would catch up to me!! So it pays to sleep in!!


3 thoughts on “Small world

  1. Dave (old guy who said stupid shit like "you Chardonnay? You like white wine? I like black win, eh, I mean (gosh) red wine!😳😖" says:

    Yay! I gave your Pinky to Shooting Star to get to you. Found Pinky next to log bridge after briefly meeting you twice on trail in CT. Your pack decorations were so memorable and charming so I had to find an appropriate person to catch you. I knew Shooting Star could do it!!!!

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