Where’s my motivation

For those of you keeping track….I’m now in Massachusetts! If there was a sign for CT to MA I missed it, guess I was enjoying the scenery and sweating. Man is it toasty, making the green tunnel (the trail is pretty much always under tree cover) nice. But the bugs have kicked it up a notch. Not a fan of insect repellent but the itching is maddening.


Seriously, I’m getting to the point in the trail where i just want to hurry up and be done. Some days i feel like I’m just trudging through the woods, trying to get to the next camp site. Just trying to stay motivated and positive becomes work. I forgot how much your feet hurt at this point. (Forgive me feet) Did have a great night hangin with the boys last night. Being around other hikers certainly helps morale. I’ve been hiking daily alone. Somehow my slower pace has put me in between the packs. Climbing up then having to pick my way slowly down steep jagged rocks is taxing. (Ankle concerns make me move more cautiously)


With only about 600+ miles to go things are gonna start getting more challenging. Guess it’s time to dig deep. A thru hike is never all rainbows and butterflies, I know that. However being dirty, tired, in pain and stuck in your own head for hours is well draining. And yes I’m a tad bit home sick, which is unusual for me.

Must keep focused on the light (or mountain) at the end of the tunnel. One step, one mile, one day at a time. It’s all part of the experience. I’m coming Kathadin….albeit slowly, with all the gusto I can muster.

4 thoughts on “Where’s my motivation

  1. Hugs & Love Miss Chardonanny. Wish I had a tidbit to occupy your mind but know that you are on the East Coast & my positive vibes are even closer to you than normal.
    Please use some bug spray or a natural concoction..the bugs are horrible this year. Even our pups are getting bitten up.
    ❤ ❤ ❤
    We are with you!

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