Mission accomplished !

This morning I woke up with a mission to get some things DONE. First I went to workout (best to get that out of the way) then there was laundry, a pre-employment drug screen (man they make you wait a long time considering I really had to go!), visit office(timecard, sign forms, chat…), post office (they still haven’t located my mail) and finally the bank! Whew! All done by noon!

Now what’s a girl to do with herself……well hike of course! First off it was a beautiful sunny day (with a forecast of rain at the weeks end) and secondly I was inspired by a friend’s recent hike through Mission Trails (thanks Cricket). Plus I was in the area! I always have hiking ‘stuff’ in the car….because ya just never know.

Parked just shy of the Visitors Center I wiggled into some tights grabbed my daypack, water, shades, tunes and I was off. I grabbed a map at the trailhead and started off on the Visitors Loop a 1.4 mile trail that, duh, goes by the the Visitor Center. But before I went there I hopped over to the South Fortuna stairs, it was a fun challenge but you have to watch your step! I opted to turn around just before “summit” as I had parked in the gotta be out by 5 parking lot.


I’ve hiked Mission Trails before, but usually the same area. It was fun exploring a new area, there is a lot of ground to cover out there. Mission Trails Regional Park is a 5,800-acre open space preserve within the city of San Diego!

MissionTrails wandering chardonnay

I couldn’t pass up a stop in the Visitors Center, it was right there. So glad I did! There is a lot of historical information in there, art and a library. Tom Thompson a trail guide was super helpful and pointed out the areas of interest. After a stroll around I headed back out on the trail to my car.

What a great afternoon! Monday funday? Sure why not!


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