Trail Style

Now when it comes to hiking clothes I stick to thrift stores, inexpensive and comfy boom! Heck I even got my puffy jacket at Burlington Coat Factory (it’s great and 1/4 the price outdoor name brands) I don’t cut corners on my base layer because cold is not fun, nope! Typically when I find something that works I wear it til it falls apart. Thus my current shirt situation.

On my first thru hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, I was gifted a Tan Short Sleeve Columbia Titanium Shirt from a friend (thanks Marsha!).  Since I was on a limited budget most of my clothing came from thrift stores….except that shirt.

Let me just say that was a great gift! It fit great even with my pack on. I could wear an under layer with it or just my sports bra. It didn’t gather and vented enough to keep me cool.(It was a cute tan color too, just cuz your in the woods is no reason not to look good.) It was something I never would have bought myself, but it was awesome. After the trail I headed to Burning Man, I wore the shirt on the road trip. At the Burn I burned my shoes from the trail (but not that shirt).

See being on the trail carrying all your possessions you get attached to things. That shirt not only had a great front pocket for carrying my cell phone and maps, it carried memories. So with all that emotional attachment (don’t judge) I decided to wear it the next year on my hike of the Appalachian Trail! I made it all the way to Massachusetts in that shirt. Long story short I still have that shirt!

Here’s the thing though, I have another long trail coming up. At this point that shirt could probably walk the trail on it’s own! I tried to convince myself it could make it, one more time….but no. I searched Columbia’s site find this shirt but to no avail. So naturally I wrote to them hoping they had one in a back room or something.

They responded with this could be the shirt you’re looking for:


Yes! So good news they still make it…..bad news is, no tan. So black or blue I guess. It’s a bit out of my usual price range….but I’m pretty sure I’ll get my moneys worth out of it. Now blue or black….this may change my whole color scheme! or not.

One thought on “Trail Style

  1. I hiked with my Silver Ridge for my entire PCT thru-hike, and it still holds. I keep it around for short hikes, though I bought a newer one from Columbia (“Irico”) for a longish hike. I like it as well, but I Don’t think it is as sturdy as the Silver Ridge.

    Have fun on the CDT, whichever shirt color you pick.

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