Pep talk

With a month to go it’s time to kick the training up a notch. Actually just get more outdoor hours. Up to this point most of my training has been in the gym, with short hikes outside. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape now that I got my running back up to 4 miles. That’s 4 miles on the treadmill, I don’t run outdoors. I’ve tried, it’s not my thing.

So I got some extra weight in the ole backpack, blu and I are headed out for some 20 milers. (yes i just randomly named my backpack blu!) I have a really good training loop that has flat stretches, hills and I haven’t done the whole loop in awhile. San Diego has had quite the wet winter, which has kept me indoors. That and my favorite area tends to flood.

In other news I got my maps this weekend! They are huge 11×17 color maps. The bulk of it along with my other gear sent me into kind of a panic. Maps, resupply, gear….Oh my! The enormity of it all was a bit much for me yesterday. Reached out to some friends who reminded me… not about the WHOLE thing….it’s one step at a time.

So I took a break and spent the afternoon yesterday on the treadmill watching the Iowa State Cyclones win the Big 12 tournament title!!

“There is more story to write,” he said. “That’s what I told them in the locker room. Stay humble. Do the right thing, and let’s get ready for next week.” – Steve Prohm ISU coach

Great advice coach……thanks for the pep talk!  Go Cyclones!!! Go Me!!

3 thoughts on “Pep talk

  1. I haven’t come close to doing what you do, so I don’t feel like i can give you advice, but trust your instincts and RELAX. It’s all going to work out fine for you. I trust you, trust yourself.

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