I’ve been really wanting to post, and I have a couple of drafts, but I have been really busy. With a little over two weeks til I hit the trail there is still a bunch of things to do.

What have I been up to you ask?

-Watching Self Arrest/Ice Axe videos and Youtube
So I got my ice axe and it is surprisingly lighter than I thought it would be. I went with the Black Diamond Raven. Then I had to figure out just how I was supposed to attach it to my pack. Yep, there’s a video for that. Great self arrest video and his accent is dreamy. Anyway,yes I know there is no substitute for actually practicing (and you bet I will).


-Going over my and over my winter gear
I’ll be honest I may be a bit overly paranoid about the snow. With my luck I’ll be all super prepared and all the snow will be melted. Well a girl can dream. So I picked up some real gloves (i.e., not fingerless) and a sleeping pad.

-Maps and resupply
On the PCT I hardly glanced at my maps before I left. Not this time dude. Seriously I have gone through every page. There are alternate routes to consider, plus mileage between resupply. There are some long stretches, I’m talking 130 plus miles between resupply. That’s a lot of food carry. I am not great at making decisions, I’m a Libra so yea. So deciding when and where to send packages is daunting.

-General Leaving Prep
Got a place to leave my car (Thanks Dan!) Got some bills paid, ouch. Need to attend to my storage unit, agh. That thing is like a giant junk drawer, but it’s junk I love. Road trip to New Mexico stuff (gas money, snacks, important stuff)!

-Friends and Family
My family is far away, I won’t get to see them before I go. But I need to connect with them on how we’ll connect while I’m in the woods. Then spending time with friends. Man I really miss everyone when I’m gone. So I try to see everyone before I go!

spring bloom

Fortunately (ha)I’ve had a bit extra time to do these things as my job assignment abruptly ended last week. Classic lesson in don’t count your chickens before they hatch. So I’ve been scrambling for side jobs. Just for fun I also broke my cell phone, doh! So I need a new one, great! Oh well, Spring has sprung and I’m camping with friends this weekend! That’s all for now….carry on.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m willing to offer you some logistical support, so let me know how I can be of assistance this spring and summer if you want/need it.

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