Gila National Forest, Silver City

What a difference a day makes out of the desert into the Gila National Forest which has trees that provide shade!! There was also Trail Magic ( Trail Magic, is an unexpected act of kindness, and is a big part of the trail experience for many long-distance hikers).


Heinken and Goldfish great fuel for the 5 miles climb we had ahead of us. We climbed up to 7000 feet, which led to a pretty chilly morning wake up. Stayed in my sleeping bag an extra half hour waiting for the sun to warm things up!

We’ve gotten lost like twice en route to Silver City. Only like 700 yards off trail, but it’s annoying to realize you must have missed a turn or something. Then have to find your way back, preferably without any back tracking.

Oh yeah, so while we were morning hiking I heard a noise. Then heard it again…like a bugle…..Elk! Even though I sped up the trail, never did see them. Have you ever heard a Elk bugle it’s pretty majestic. I was pretty excited, we haven’t seen much wildlife except rabbits, lizards and a bjillion cows.

Even though I slept in, I was on trail by 6:45, only 15 minutes later than usual. I finally got my morning pack up dialed in. It takes a bit to get into a routine that works. Everything goes in the tent every night in the same place. Everything goes in the backpack the same way every morning. Routine keeps me from losing it and by it I mean my stuff and mind. So far the only thing I’ve lost is my shades, doh!

So after a long downhill trek (btw did I mention I luv downhill!) then treading through 4 miles of sand (come on do people really like long walks on the beach, that was exhausting) then a 13 mile road walk on hwy  180 (this trail does not lack variety)…..we got to Silver City!


Actually after about 7 miles of road walking and running out of water I hitch hiked into town. There was a water tank just before the hwy, but the dead cow next to it made it unappealing. We’re not staying in town. Just grabbing a shower ($7 shower at the local  gym, dried off with my bandana, put back on the same dirty clothes…..hiker trash), snacks (need more ramen) and then we’ll camp just out of town. Only 3 days to Doc Campbell’s……..then a 7 stretch to Pie Town that should be interesting!

Stay tuned and Happy Trails

4 thoughts on “Gila National Forest, Silver City

  1. Reading your posts on the Trail makes me feel forty years younger, and I thank you for that. Happy trails!

  2. Never heard an Elk Bugle or actually saw one in person, but definitely sounds majestic. I hope you get to see one and capture it in your camera. Happy Trails my friend!

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