The trail will provide…lessons


So we are out of the ‘flat’ part of Wyoming also known as the basin. It was just a teaser. For awhile there we were all….this is nice, flat and warmer weather. But nope, this is the CDT. First lesson when having a dance party on the CDT, apparently you should pay attention to the trail. I was dancing/singing my heart when I realized Kelsey was no where to be found. Checked my GPS and I was lost, (by lost mean off trail). I had to cross country it about .65 miles just to get back on trail. Then I high tailed, 2 miles to the next water source. She was there waiting, whew.

Second lesson ticks are no joke. They are freaking everywhere out here. Glad I have long pants, but I am consistently flicking them off. I about freaked when I found one in my tent!


Third lesson, there is no hiding from the wind. We beat the rain to our campsite by the river. But the wind beat us ALL night! I really was unsure if my tent would survive the night the way it was bending and the rainfly whipping.
Survived the wind and made it to South Pass City aka the other windy city. To get here we hitched first to Lander. While walking down the street I hear someone call out ‘chardonnay’! It was Samson, we met on the PCT. He was with Sandy she stays in South Pass City. She gave a us lift around town then back to South Pass. She also kindly let us shower, laundry and sleep inside her cool cabin. With the winter storm rolling in she let us stay a 2nd night, fixed us dinner, and told us all about the Arizona Trail!

South Pass City is a national historic landmark a major feature on the Oregon Trail travelled by thousands in the mid 19 century. If you want to see some mining history this is the place.

People are so kind. We also met Hawkeye, he hiked the CDT in 2014-15, and is maintaining a water cache near South Pass City. He got down on my level for the picture (my feet hurt and standing was not an option).
Next we head for Pinedale (possibly snow) oh and bears! We hear there has been some bear and wolf issues in the area, great. Embrace the Brutality…or go home I guess.

2 thoughts on “The trail will provide…lessons

  1. Hey Chardonnay! Looks like you wanted an adventure and you got one (or several)! And those dang ol’ ticks! Take care of yourself dear. Glad you’re meeting all these wonderful people, kinda restores your faith in humanity. Please stop getting lost! We’d like to see you back here among friends and family once you’re done. Do you need anything? Let me know and I can send it through Leslie. Keep on keepin’ on darling! Much love!

  2. I say , Did you bring your Dirty Harry #44 Mag along for the Bears an Wolf’s? Yup maybe by pass this area as its Mommy Bears with Baby cubs along…. You be very careful my dear…. Big Hug!

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