Wyoming…..it’s all good

If my last post sounded a bit dire. I was in mood for sure. I usually try to stay upbeat and keep my down moments for my personal journal. Honestly though everything isn’t always wildlife and butterflies out here.

The tough times are hard to share, who whips out a camera when things bad, not me. (Well you might have enjoyed seeing us crawl in the snow when we couldn’t walk!!)

Actually the stress was mostly from being off trail. The four day stretch to get from New Mexico to Wyoming was intense. Hitchhiking can be fun, unless you have a bus to catch. Taking the bus is never fun, especially when it overheats and you might miss you connection. Then our 12am bus was packed, so of course an hour from our stop a tire blows.

Finally we are back on trail and I am feeling much better. Wyoming is flat but beautiful. Leaving Rawlins we continued our jail tour! On our road walk out of town the wind blew my hat off and across the highway. As I ran for it a motorcyclist pulled over to see if I was ok and offered me a ride. Man I wanted to take it as a hitch on a motorcycle is on my to do list. But I passed, not going my way. Thanks for stopping!

Wyoming State Penitentiary         Ticks!
There are A LOT of ticks in this section. So I am wearing long pants even in the heat of the day and in tick paranoid mode. Water is scarce, I think I need a class on operating solar powered spring, not a single one has worked.


But I’m hiking…..so life is good. Thanks everyone for the kind words, support and encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Wyoming…..it’s all good

  1. Way to stick with it! I definitely enjoy reading your posts. It’s so refreshing to read CDT hike reports.

  2. Wooo chardonnay is back on the trail! I for one think it would have been great to have a photo of you guys crawling in the snow but to laugh and cry with you when you’re back among your people sharing the stories! Also, frame that sucker to have a reminder when things get bad in default life that things can always get worse. 🙂

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