Through it….

Leaving town is always a mental struggle. I’ve showered, done laundry, filled my belly, sorted my gear, and resupplied. Now it’s time go out there and be beaten down by the trail all over again. This morning I woke emotionally drained, just wanting to stay in bed and cry. But that’s not an option.

I got some personal things dragging me down. Coupled with the unknown of what lays ahead. This trail is so much tougher than the last two. Sometimes I feel I’m not even in control, and the littlest issues be come huge. I’m not one to let stresses get me down. You know smile on the outside even when falling to pieces inside. Thing is out here there are no distractions. It’s  just you and all the things in your head.

So I’m sucking it up today, leaving Rawlins heading for who knows what. Maybe I’ll find some peace and clarity, or not. But it’s a thru hike…..gotta go through it.


3 thoughts on “Through it….

  1. I know I can only say things like, “hang in there” or “keep your chin up” but the truth is I’ve no idea how difficult it is out there! I mean I know it must be tough, but I am sure it’s tougher than anything I can imagine, so do your best my friend!! You are in my thoughts and I am cheering for you!!

  2. Crap or Cone!
    the Crap side of the trail is it’s hard-physically & mentally. Ready or not, It leaves you alone with your swimming thoughts.

    the Cone side of the trail is your doing it! How many people wish they could do it? You are going to get your triple crown!
    You are getting the time you need to process some really tough stuff & deal with some personal things that are dragging you down. If you were bouncing around in the regular world, you might not have that mental space to process & work thru it.
    The people you meet along the way–which I’m hopeful that now you are out of the Colorado snow that maybe you’ll start seeing more people again.
    The opportunity to SING YOUR HEART OUT! Sing to the skies, sing to the animals, SING because you love to sing!
    Cone—you are an inspiration to so many! Your reach is far and wide & will only continue to grow!

    I’m rooting for you and following your adventure every step of the way! Keep kicking ass & taking names Char! You got this!
    Love ya!
    Sparkle Fn Heart & El Sed ❤

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