Through it….

Leaving town is always a mental struggle. I’ve showered, done laundry, filled my belly, sorted my gear, and resupplied. Now it’s time go out there and be beaten down by the trail all over again. This morning I woke emotionally drained, just wanting to stay in bed and cry. But that’s not an option.

I got some personal things dragging me down. Coupled with the unknown of what lays ahead. This trail is so much tougher than the last two. Sometimes I feel I’m not even in control, and the littlest issues be come huge. I’m not one to let stresses get me down. You know smile on the outside even when falling to pieces inside. Thing is out here there are no distractions. It’s  just you and all the things in your head.

So I’m sucking it up today, leaving Rawlins heading for who knows what. Maybe I’ll find some peace and clarity, or not. But it’s a thru hike…..gotta go through it.