Come Talk To Me – Peter Gabriel

Heck I recently had someone say to me ‘hiking is that all you ever talk about’? No and Yes. It is my current passion. It brings me joy, happiness, makes me feel strong and it takes me to magical places. So yeah, I talk about it A LOT. No, I will not dim my light for you. If my happiness and joy thing is too much for you get to stepping, I’m fine with that. I’m trying to do something here. What? I don’t know. Be happy, live my truth…I’m figuring it out as I go, ok.  I’m on a non-traditional journey. Awhile back I was really into bicycling, biked across the state of Iowa like 11 times and did a Duathlon.  There was a lot of prep and training that went along with that. Similarly with hiking there is a lot that goes into getting ready for a hike. The journey begins long before I take the first step.

So I will be writing and talking about it. If you have a “thing” you are passionate about put it out there, talk about it, I’ll listen. Once I planned a bike trip from Iowa to Mississippi. I talked about it a lot, did tons of planning. I only made to St. Louis (it’s hotter than blazes along the Mississippi river in June) but I tried. Go ahead, follow your passion as they say. When I decided to do the PCT I had never done anything like that before. But I wanted to see if I could, I did! I have my sights set on some other wild ideas (well outside my wheel house) that I may fail at spectacularly, but I owe it to myself to try. What are you gonna try this year? Do it with passion, shine your light!

3 thoughts on “Come Talk To Me – Peter Gabriel

  1. Don’t give the naysayers a second thought Elsye. They may be secretly envious of your vision and ability to follow through.
    A second thought; you haven’t “failed” at anything you attempt in good faith. You simply had a different outcome than you’d expected.
    Your adventures are inspirational to many of your followers. Don’t let a few negative people get you down. I’ve observed that many times that’s the only power some people feel they have: enhancing their own self image by tearing other people down. Also, many people feel threatened by strong women. And you are undoubtedly a strong woman. Keep on rocking the world. It’s the only way things will change!

  2. Sing it!!

    You do thing in depth, you immerse! You are not a skimmer on the surface.

    Of course you get deep!

    I celebrate that!

    And trust me, there will always be people questioning your deep dives into experience and learning, even when you are 70.

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