Shakedown – The Score

This is the first time I have not been hiking a bunch before a thru hike. Now, I have been running (read: slow jogging) but still I think I’m in need of some serious hiking miles. Lately all my hikes have been under 10 miles, at a leisurely pace I might add. This weekend calls for a Shakedown Hike!! (shakedown hike is a hike that’s usually done to test your gear before a long hike.) My gear is mostly dialed in, it’s more like a shakedown for body (read: feet). Actually I do need to try out a hiking outfit I’m not totally sold on yet. Sorry to say the Walmart dress, from last year, did not make the cut this time around! Oh and I really want to try out my new…….wait for it….backpack!!! I’ve had the same backpack for the last three years, a ULA Circuit, it took a beating but got me through.

I toyed with the idea of going with a different pack, nope. See if ain’t broke don’t fix it. Your pack is an extension of you, the carrier of all the things. The ULA Circuit was recommended to me, so I got it and boom! Loved it. I’m not a gear nut, I just know what works and what I like. “Blue” as I called her was a great pack, we will roll again.

But for this next adventure I’m rolling with “Black Bird” (I got the black, it also comes in green, orange, red, and multi-camo!)


my new baby!!


ULA Circuit 

  • weight: 2 lbs 9 oz
  • S-curved style shoulder straps
  • adjustable hip belt (no rubbing)
  • the 2 zip pockets fit my phone, snacks, chap-stick, knife, stuff I need to easily get to
  • plenty of adjustable straps (because sometimes you need to readjust your load)
  • hand loops (love these when I’m not using trekking poles)
  • side pockets that snug fit a water bottle or expand for tent poles, hat, gummie bears!
  • One hydration pocket and one small pocket for valuables in the interior
  • roll down top and a bunch of external attachment points

It’s so clean and nice I hate to take it outside. Yeah, right. I think it’s gonna be a big mile weekend! I’ll let you know how it goes!! Happy Trails!

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